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christmas concert 2023

In 2023 we were able to celebrate Christmas with a wonderful week. All groups could show a festive, wintry dance and we could share tea and biscuits afterwards.

Furthermore, we could contribute a beautiful waltz (of the Flowers) to the Christmas Concert of the Musikschule Bad Honnef. Dancers floated the stage to live music of the orchestra. You can enjoy this dance here.

Museumsfest 2023

During the 'Museumsmeile 2023' in Bonn, our dancers were able to show parts of our ballet performance 'Alice in Wonderland' at the museum party of the Museum König.

Christmas concert 2022

The local Music School Bad Honnef invited us to dance during their Christmas concert and a group of teenage dancers were happy to dance to live music played by 13 harpists.

Midsummer 2022

In summer 2022 we were able to prepare a Midsummernight concert together with the local Music School Bad Honnef. The audience could enjoy a mix of styles, some acts even combined live music and dance.

Collegium Musicum 2022

The Collegium Musicum performed their concert 'Aufforderung zum Tanz' in May 2022. For two pieces of the orchestra, they asked our dancers to show dances inspired by the old traditional dances for this music.

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