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Next to our weekly ballet and dance classes, we realize big ballet performances and other projects with our dancers on a regular basis. We are happy that we can stimulate and improve creativity and technique as well as stage performance, the ability to get into the "spirit" of different roles and self-confidence of our students.


Every ballet performance asks a great engagement/commitment from our students. They learn choreographies during their ballet classes, come to extra rehearsals to practice transitions between different groups and/or learn solo or duet parts. All this hard work is rewarded with a wonderful stage experience. The dancers can enjoy their moment on stage and the applause of the audience.


Various smaller projects enrich our work during the dance season. We cooperate with the local Music School of Bad Honnef and the Collegium Musicum and prepare concerts with elements of dance. In 2023 we were also able to work together with the Museum König in Bonn by performing open-air. We are looking forward to all wonderful future projects.


On the following pages we invite you to take a look at pictures of previous ballet performances and our manifold (dance) projects.

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